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BIKES 2023

new arrivals

New Arrivals

... whether you are a racer, a weekend cruiser or a parent wanting a bike for you child, we have the expertise to support you and provide you with the RIGHT bike!


Since our establishment, Bikes4You  has committed itself in providing a new dimension in bikes through the lenses of  the expertise of 10+ years of our experienced personel. The knowledge base of the team will support and help you to rapidly increase your own Road, Trail and Adventure riding skills. 

We are proudly representing BH Bikes since 2010, followed by the Lombardo Bikes line and BMC Switzerland as well as the Micro Scooters, Reverse Components and Rudy Project products.

We are also a BOSCH eBike certified shop so you can bring your Bosch-motor equiped bike for firmware updates (twice a year) and System Diagnosis whenever necessary.

We attend on an annual basis the certified Shimano / Sram seminars for parts and service. We also visit our bike manufacturers annually to see what's new and provide feedback our clients share with us over the year.

Biking for families
Road Bikes


We carry some of the best brands and the most cutting edge bikes and gear including a selection of eBikes. Our latest edition E-bikes make riding easier and more enjoyable for all types of cyclists, whether you want to get to work faster or need a little boost on those mountain trails. 


We’re also committed to our community, to our amazing customers, and to providing exceptional service to everyone who shops with us. 

Our Partners
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